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Construction Associates

Construction Associates, the building solutions arm of TerraFirma was established in 2002 and undertakes Commercial, Industrial and Residential construction and interior projects.



From Villas, Apartments and plots in prime areas , Industrial properties and farm lands to aggregating large parcels of land for MNCs and research centres , Terrafirma has been at the forefront of Bangalore’s Real Estate for the past two decades.



Recent Projects

Residence at Phoenix Kessaku

A Zen themed Design makes this Apartment at one of Bangalore's premium Residential Towers come alive.

Residence at Koramangala

Opposites attract with this elegant residential home embodying a traditional feel with a modern twist.

Commercial Project at Malleswaram

A Wellness & Yoga Centre built of steel infused with a chettinad design style.

Residence at Pebble Bay Apartments

A bespoke high end luxury home with an eclectic touch. It juxtaposes simplicity with a classy silhouette.

Commercial Project at Whitefield

An assembly unit, warehouse, fully functional office and a cafeteria built in under 12 months.

Residence at Phoenix One Bangalore West

A contemporary residence embracing a timeless feel.

Recent Projects



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